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Shopping and Fun in Milano Marittima

3 Stars Hotel Ambra


Shopping on the main streets of the town centre

Shopping is absolutely essential to have a great holiday. The town centre is reachable by walk from Hotel Ambra, and appears as a crowded and active place with very different shops. From this point of view, Milano Marittima represents one of the focal points of the Adriatic Coast. It is possible to buy any kind of article, from fresh products to hot couture dresses.


This place is perfect for any kind of person, and offers a variety of things to do and to appreciate. The beautiful parks, the pine-wood, where to do jogging and exercise, the salt pans of Cervia, the House of Butterflies, the Park of Delta of Po and the hot and sandy beaches. To complete the atmosphere, here it comes a 27holes Golf field. To choose Milano Marittima means enrich yourself with incomparable moments and beautiful memories. Choose this wonderful town to taste a genuine entertainment.