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Cycling tourism: Tour Guides at Hotel Ambra in Milano Marittima

Tour guides for cycling tourists

We take you to Romagna on two wheels

Romagna region is a territory of cycling lovers and perfect itineraries for guests who want to train. Our lucky position gives us a multitude of choises where to go: from the level ground, to the hills and to the Apennines that are only a few kms away from us. These opportunities are not only for Road Bikers, but also for Mountain Bike passionates that can find challenging paths in our pine-woods and the sorrounding territory.

Our expertise and professional guides for road bike and MTB, lead you to the itineraries based on your level. The bikers are selected and sorted in groups based on their level, every evening there is a briefing and introduction to the tour of the next day, and there’s a speech and organization of the weekly schedule, to get to know each other.